Workout Overview

Strength & Conditioning


Stand by to Stand by

5 Minutes

We all have those minor aches and pains. Most likely from sitting too long, standing too long or just plain sore. We have a solution! Preparing for a workout requires stretching, which is paramount for every training session as well as mobility drills. We want to be active but also avoid injury and practice safety. Let’s lube up those joints!

Roger Up

5 Minutes

This first phase focuses more on movement like running drills, low crawling, animal drills, and isometric exercises. These movements will contribute in activating the core and bring the heart rate up. Roger up!

Battle Buddy Work

30 Minutes

Bag work, glove work, buddy leg and punch 20-40 minutes.

SAQ Up! (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

10 Minutes

This is a range of movement drills, cone drills, plyometrics, speed latter, sprints against one another, plyometrics, jumps. Small doses of explosive movement.

This is designed to train our warriors with agility and quick movements and get that nervous system to start firing for effect!

Rest & Recuperation

10 Minutes

Final stretch intertwined with yoga and meditation to relax the muscles.


Sit, Kneel, Bend

20 Minutes

This is THE most important part of the program. This is when veterans can speak their mind and introduce themselves and their mission (if he was given one).

At the end of every session we will end with a positive mission to give the members attending and encourage them to return and share their story and mission.

  • Helping a stranger
  • Assisting with something that you usually wouldn’t assist with
  • Help someone in need (not a friend)
  • Encourage continuous participation and to promote the program to fellow veterans that need it.
  • Call a brother that you served or know that you haven’t spoken to in more than a year.
  • Reaching out to a brother in need of talking.

Feed the Soul

30 Minutes

Lunch, when possible, catered.