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Our nation's warriors are coming home with the skills a great leader would exemplify. From the sands in the Middle East to the shores of California, our veterans have endured more than we can imagine. However, Veterans are returning to our cities they fought for and have problems coping with transitioning from leaders to students, professionals, and the future leaders of this great nation.

Our veterans were physically and mentally challenged before and they saw their true potential. Limitless. Our warriors decided to join a brotherhood for a higher cause, therefore; it is less likely they join a fraternity or sorority within their college and lack the community communication, losing opportunities to network and future job opportunity

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We pick each other up.

We can win this fight.

Will you fight with us?

My Veteran Passion was designed to help our veterans transition into that same military community with the camaraderie without being in the military service and still connecting with resources and benefits as well as education.

Our Veterans Supporters connect with Veterans through physical training and virtual online platforms. Whether by fitness, education, and other available resources, we can help our nation's warriors in their confidence and help provide a positive environment that will breed success and support in more than physical health but mental health.

A strong body creates a keen, resilient and sharp mind. Your support will unlock the true potential of these nation’s warriors.

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